I whistled at you
The cows we pushed
The gate clanked shut
You were the Collie dog
I never had

Two wellies walked down the road on there own
The dog stopped and looked back at me
His head dipped and sprang up away
He drew lines on each side of the road with his nose
Pausing to see his love in his dogs eyes nose
He disappeared in the farmyard gate
Waiting for me motionlessly to turn the corner
I appeared he sprang away
A sudden pause
"What's that"? he said and forgot the day and away again
He waited at the red back door
His two front feet continually moving
Massaging the door mat
Both of us wondered what was behind
The red door
I looked at him, him at me
He was a great fella
A great lad
His name was Blacky
After death
The dog i never had