Corrán Tuathail Com Caillí

I travelled Si An Bhru to Carrantouhill
To visit my old friend
To ask help give up smoking
To me this is what was said
Gan focail and from that day to this
I didn't smoke again

The next time we met
She was a Howling Ridge
Exposing every beauty
A mountain goat could see
Danu watched as i stepped out on the edge
This time asking nothing
And this is what was said
Tuatha Dé Danann
As Si An Bhru
Cunas Corrán Tuathail
Dócha go bhfuil an oíche
Ceann sa cosa
Ar nos na gaoithe

She gave a little rock shuck
I felt every one
I have'nt seen her since
But the goat i will again
Corrán Tuathail
Gan focail
Mise, Corrán Tuathail agus mé fein

29th Aug 2010