Natures Son and Daughter

As the trees talk through the wind
The sky moves bluely bye
A distant sound unheard everywh air
Aseated on nature's chair
The clouds are catching slowly day
Running grass then jumping hay
My hand is painting so I sit and watch
The beauty of nature without a clock

A sudden twitch in the ditch of my eye
Crash and bang a passer that never went by
A brush and a paint a blob and a mix
She never gives easy
Sure what do I care
When natures around
I'm just happy to be there

The Cauliflower White tells
Of a sunny day
Fluttering by in a painters way
Barbwire bramble surf the growth
Fairyballs puff and float

Varnish Boyne brown paints lily reed
Underneath where fish do feed
A bushy ditch above the water
A beautiful nature a son an daughter.

Aug 2002