Ink, plays poet's trees
Molly Malone's fished for arms the seas
Grafton Streets shaded eves
Daniel O Connell Sneezed
Pooing pigeons flappered of into breeze
The seagull took Ireland out of my pocket
As mo phoca
I kissed her head on the coast landed
Achors dropped under stand that
Foot sanded men rushed others hoisted oars standed
The recessions man die did suicide hide id
Cast led thrown self stonewall fell dead
A rose shot flew threw the arm more fired
Soared words cut his truth
Blow did flow did crashed knees
He felt
The last look at open sky eyes seed
Died did far there's celt
I'm an eye i have now
More den the foxes quiver
Sparrows arís still fly showered
Irish some are
Still with wit us arís again in the
Irish wind are
You with wit us, with who?
Sean nos agus sean nos nua
Is mise, tá
Indiach dearg
Bricín rua is anim dom
Bricín rua: "Sionnach the mind,
Spirit spidéog
Agus Ceilteach
Teach le chéile
Labhairt le chéile
Sean agus crann óg
When cold wind hour come
Day leaves go
Is mise go deo sean mar óg
Is mise sionnach
Is mise spideog
Bricín rua is anim dom
Taim seamróg"

11th Sept 2010