Uncharged Fields

All the different fields
Of childhood memories
And the fog
Behind the trees
And the wind armoured
Beneath the blue breeze
Waiting the silent charged fields
NOW! Fallin heavy foot chopped cut blood but
Death died that day down dead deep path
Chopped cut blood bath cleaned the air the fields left
The sky knelt
The trees wept
The gods smelt souls that the fields left uncharged
Fields star'ed
Nothing the darkness
They came it again
Already at the end uncharged it defend fend
Bend it sliced it straight through it end
Darkness end it swooped wind what a beautiful grey coloured stone end
They old sky opened them end
The gods did send them end
Death did it
It did it did end
It did it it did end
It did end
It did
It did
It did end
It did.

14 june 2010